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How long does it take to adjust to my dentures

It depends. For most patients who have an existing denture an adjustment to a new denture can be quite rapid and can take one to two month. If you are wearing a denture for the very first time then that adjustment can take much longer and this can range from several months to a year. In some instances some patients never get used to them and remain without dentures. Here are some of the adjustments that patients will have to get used to:

  • The Fit of the denture which might takes weeks of adjustments at the dental office.
  • Speech which should improve and much of it is dues to the shape, thickness ...

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Removable vs Fixed ?

How much bone have you lost ?

In patients that have had a lot of bone loss the removable denture has been proved to be more effective for restoring the teeth and replacing much of your dental tissue like gums. they also give you the ability to push out your facial features little more effectively so you can have a more natural appearance. they will certainly not get rid of your wrinkles and you will need to seek the help of a facial cosmetic surgeon to do that.

Do you have enough bone for more implants ?

Some patient have sufficient bone to accommodate more implants and in this case we can have ...

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Lower Denture Issues !


Lower dentures are a significant problem in patients that use complete dentures. The movement of the tongue and also the reduced amount of bone often make it very difficult for patients to wear this prothesis. This can affect confidence and also function to a point where your life can be affected. With age, our gums and bones can shrink in the mouth, which is a natural part of life for those without teeth. If you wear existing dentures that are not periodically fitted this bone loss can be more rapid as the ill fitting denture can traumatize your bone even if you do not feel the pain. I have many ...

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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

By Laura Briedis

As implant dentistry grows in popularity, more and more patients are inquiring about this advanced technique. Here, Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran (Dr. K) of Frontier Dental shares some FAQs with Mimi readers.

As a prosthodontist, Dr. K specializes in ...

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