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Removable vs Fixed ?

June 9, 2019
Posted By: Sanjay Karunagaran
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How much bone have you lost?

In patients that have had a lot of bone loss the removable denture has been proved to be more effective for restoring the teeth and replacing much of your dental tissue like gums. they also give you the ability to push out your facial features little more effectively so you can have a more natural appearance. they will certainly not get rid of your wrinkles and you will need to seek the help of a facial cosmetic surgeon to do that.

Do you have enough bone for more implants?

Some patient have sufficient bone to accommodate more implants and in this case we can have fixed bridges made as fixed bridges require more implants to support each of the individual teeth. In patient that begin with a lack of bone removal implant dentures might be a good option as we could still replace all of you teeth but it we now have fewer implants to clip to and therefore we will need to make it as a denture that old clips to 2 to 3 implants.

Can you keep it clean?

Keeping your prosthesis clean is absolutely vital and that is totally your responsibility. In many instance patients with fixed bridges really struggle with keeping their prosthesis clean. removable dentures are easy to clean and therefore people really love this option.

Patient preferences?

In many instances patient already know what they want and what will work for them. In this instance I often try to put a plan in place that will allow them to get the prosthesis of their choice by making modification in the treatment plan and treatment design to help with all the issues that affect their implants and prosthesis.

Treatment Cost?

Removable denture and removable implant dentures are significantly less expensive for our patients and we like this option for our patients and our patient seem to like it too.

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