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At Frontier Dental, you can expect to find a state-of-the-art dental practice devised for your ultimate comfort. Dr. Karunagaran and his team ensure they have the latest technology to make your visits as efficient as possible. 

It's equally important to us that you receive exceptional oral health care in comfort and style. The equipment we invest in is fine-tuned to identify any abnormalities or dental concerns and to help our dentists during restorative or cosmetic procedures. 

Here are some of the technologies you can expect during your visit.

3-D Cone Beam

At Frontier Dental, we believe that advancements in technology can help make your visits more comfortable as you work on your oral health. That’s why we utilize 3-D cone beam imaging in the comfort of our Medina, OH office. 3-D cone beam imaging is an advanced x-ray beam that gives Dr. Karunagaran an opportunity to view precise and comprehensive three-dimensional images of your teeth, gumline, bones, soft tissues, and nerves. When placing dental implants, the cone-beam can establish if there is sufficient bone present for the procedure.

The name refers to the cone-shaped x-ray beam. The system rotates around the patient, and software arranges all the information into three-dimensional views. Since these images can display your tooth and bone structures from any angle, they can be more helpful than traditional two-dimensional x-rays; especially if you want to see how impacted a wisdom tooth is, or to see if a root canal is necessary.

The 3-D cone beam imaging is useful for:

  • Evaluating your sinuses
  • Planning for tooth extractions
  • Placing dental implants
  • Viewing tooth fractures
  • Diagnosing TMJ and sleep apnea
  • Observing tooth infections

Digital Records

Digital records enhance the efficiency of accessing and transmitting patient records to dental specialists for second opinions and allows for quicker preauthorization from insurance companies. Instead of having entire files in writing, this method of record keeping creates a precise, in-depth patient chart that includes digital photographs, tooth charts, and more. 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Karunagaran to view your x-rays immediately, and see conditions that aren’t apparent through an oral examination. Due to their digital nature, dentists and staff can easily share them; in fact, our dentists can view the images on a monitor within seconds. The dentist can zoom in or enhance the image for more precise diagnosing. 

Digital x-rays are often more precise, allowing the dentist to make a more accurate diagnosis. They are an important tool in the early diagnosis of oral health issues. They can detect tooth disease, decay, bone and root health, cysts, gum or tooth infection, and even tumors; and can aid in being more precise when placing dental implants. 

Did you know digital x-rays emit 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays? They are also more environmentally friendly due to zero film development. This technology not only improves safety and ease for our patients, but it also creates instant high-resolution images to assist your dentist, making it an essential technological device in the dental clinic. All your digital x-rays get stored in your digital records for a comprehensive patient file. 

Frontier Dental uses various advancements in dental technology like digital x-rays to make your experience comfortable and our diagnosis precise. 


Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic x-rays are beneficial diagnostic tools used to view a single image of all components of your mouth—meaning your teeth, gums, bones, neck, and soft tissue. These two-dimensional x-rays can provide a simple, flat model that allows Dr. Karunagaran the ability to view all the critical structures of your smile. 

Because panoramic x-rays allow for a comprehensive view of your head and neck, Dr. Karunagaran can diagnose more than fundamental oral issues like cavities or disease; the imaging enables him to diagnose any abnormalities concerning jaw bones and soft tissue. 

Panoramic x-rays can show issues like:

  • Fractures
  • Infections
  • Impacted teeth
  • Cysts
  • Bone anomalies
  • Tumors
  • Gum disease
  • TMJ

These x-rays can also help Dr. Karunagaran plan orthodontic or restorative procedures like braces, dental implants, and dentures. 

At Frontier Dental, our dental team will be able to determine any dental abnormalities you may not know about to protect your oral health. You can rest assured that a visit to our dental office will not only be comfortable—it is also vital for your general overall health. 


Intraoral Camera

When Dr. Kanuragaran needs to determine if there are delicate issues in your mouth, such as fractures, or decay, he can utilize the intraoral camera to take full-color pictures of your mouth. 

The intraoral camera looks like a sizeable pen; the camera takes high-resolution images inside the patient’s mouth and relays the images on a monitor. The head of the camera can rotate, zoom in to 100x, and can visualize all parts of the mouth in great detail. 

The intraoral camera is a great way to allow patients to see areas inside their mouth that they usually would never be able to do. With this tool, both the dentist and the patient can observe small cracks, wear-and-tear, or disease. Tracking oral health change over time becomes more manageable through the use of digital records. 

Television in Rooms

We want our patients to feel comfortable and stress-free during their stay at our dental office. We offer TVs in our treatment rooms for the viewing enjoyment of each patient. We invite you to sit back during your visit and enjoy your favorite TV programs while we work hard to provide you the dental care you deserve. 

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