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Dr. Karunagaran has spent many years mastering the science of dentistry; throughout his years he has come to understand that well-informed patients have less anxiety about their procedures. It is important that his patients undertake their dental decisions with confidence and assurance in order to better understand the importance of oral health as well as their options for improving their smile. Oral education and patient confidence are important to us at Frontier Dental.

If there are any questions or concerns about a procedure or oral issue, we are more than happy to spend as much time as needed to ensure our patients completely understand each step of a procedure. Dr. Karunagaran encourages questions since they allow him and his staff to better understand issues that might cause anxiety or confusion with each patient.

Please read through some of the more common questions we are asked by our patients if any of these touch on your concerns but don’t fully answer your question please call Frontier Dental for a more detailed answer. We are happy to help you in your decision-making process!



At Frontier Dental, we have a wide variety of dental procedures and restoration services depending on your specific oral needs. If you have tooth decay, your dentist can remove it entirely and use a filling to seal in the tooth to prevent further deterioration. This is an appropriate procedure for small to medium fillings since the filling adheres to your existing tooth. 

The teeth further back in your mouth absorb the majority of force required for chewing and are highly susceptible to fracturing. The deeper grooves can catch more food particles, leading to possible tooth decay. If you fracture a tooth, they may need more structural support than a filling can provide.

If this is the case for you, Dr. Karunagaran may recommend a dental crown. Dental crowns are similar to a protective cap that completely cover all sides of your tooth. Crowns not only seal in your tooth, but they also add support against the pressure of chewing that could further damage your tooth. 

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Our Medina, OH dental staff are trained in seeing to your needs and explaining all your dental options so you can take control of your oral health. We understand how important it is to make an informed decision while understanding all your other options. We encourage our patients to be an active participant in their dental care and welcome any questions or concerns you have. We are available for your call, schedule a dental appointment for an oral evaluation today!


If you have one or missing teeth, dentures could be a good tooth replacement option for you. Dentures are custom-fabricated prosthetic devices that are removable for cleaning. Through advancements in dental technology, modern dentures are considered natural-looking and comfortable. Our patients in Medina, OH can live happy and healthy lives through dentures. 

Complete dentures involve multiple missing teeth on the upper, lower or both arches of your mouth. Sometimes the dentist will need to extract teeth to fit the denture completely. With complete dentures, your Medina, OH dentist will provide you with immediate dentures, which are temporary and allow the patient to eat, smile and speak comfortably while they heal. 

Partial dentures are a removable dental prosthetic that restores the appearance and function of your mouth by replacing one or more teeth. They fit around your existing teeth and do not require any tooth extractions, and they utilize your surrounding teeth as anchors to support the denture. Partial dentures strengthen the underlying structures of your mouth including your gums, bone, and facial muscles. They also prevent teeth from shifting out of place while giving you a beautiful smile. 

Benefits of Dentures

There are many reasons for replacing missing teeth, including improving your appearance, speech, and smile. Dentures provide you with a higher quality of life; patients can enjoy the foods they want and smile with ease. 

Get Your New Smile!

If you are in the NE Ohio region and need a highly-skilled dentist, call Frontier Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Karunagaran and Dr. Horan. We would love to answer all your questions and support you in making an informed decision regarding your smile. 

Yes, we do! Regular exams and cleaning is part of what prosthodontist have to do in their examination and diagnosis visit. We are trained to care for our patients completely and we receive additional training to do this very well . We practice general dentistry at this office which includes, cleaning, fillings, crowns and extractions but we can also treat more complex issues as well if our patients need it. A good part of our practice functions to see patients with simple dental needs and we enjoy taking care of them.

Biannual dentist visits are important to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, as well as regular brushing and flossing at home. The only way to really know if you have gum disease is by having your dentist perform an oral examination. You may have gum disease without knowing, and if left untreated it can lead to tooth and bone loss. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth decay and tooth loss. 

If you have noticed any of the following symptoms, contact Frontier Dental immediately for an examination:

  • Bleeding or swollen gums after brushing and flossing
  • Elongated teeth due to receding gums
  • Persistent bad breath despite brushing
  • Sensitive gums at the gum line

When detected early, gum disease can be treated. Late stage gum disease presents oral complications and will need dentist intervention.

 For these reasons, it is important to schedule visits twice a year at our Medina, OH dental office. We welcome you to give us a call today to visit with Dr. Karunagaran!

Woman | Dentures in Akron OHMissing a tooth not only completely affects your appearance, but it can alter the shape and contours of your jawline. A space between your teeth can cause neighboring teeth to shift towards the gap, which can lead to jaw bone recession and facial sagging. 

Filling in the gap not only prevents oral health issues and restores your bite function—allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods again and speak with clarity. Don’t hide your happy smile because you are self-conscious about your missing tooth. Our dental procedures can restore your joy and quality of life. 

We Restore Missing Teeth

At Frontier Dental, our tooth restoration dental procedures include complete and partial dentures. They are considered a standard in tooth restoration options for many of our patients in Medina, OH. Modern dentures utilize specialized materials that allow your dentures to look completely natural and feel more comfortable than traditional dentures. 

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

The main thing to avoid is letting your dentures dry or using heat to clean them. Hot water or leaving them in a hot car can end up warping them, so they do not fit comfortably anymore. Your prosthodontist, Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran, will be able to provide aftercare tips and guidelines to help you care for your new dentures and increase their longevity.

Tooth Replacement in Akron, OH

If you are missing teeth, know that you have many options to restore your appearance and give you a natural-looking, beautiful smile. An incomplete smile can affect what you can eat, how you speak, and even your self-esteem. Contact Frontier Dental in 44256 so that Dr. Karunagaran can give you the smile you deserve. 

Snap-on dentures are a removable, palateless denture that can be snapped on or off as often as needed. The denture is placed gently onto mini implants and snapped in for a stronger bite and beautiful smile. 

Through a minimally invasive surgical process, our oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Michael Horan, places mini implants into your jawbone. These tiny implants are the anchors that strengthen the jawbone and support the dentures. 

The implants are tiny titanium alloy posts that function as a new root and are the fixture that your denture snaps into place. Snap-on dentures provide stability and strength and allow you to eat all the hard foods that missing teeth do not facilitate, like carrots, apples, and even steak! 

The Benefits of Dentures

Missing a tooth can affect your ability to smile freely and eat certain foods. Speaking with clarity can also be difficult without teeth in place. Getting a tooth replacement procedure not only improves your appearance and ability to smile, but it also supports your jawbone, surrounding teeth, and facial muscles.

Having dentures can make you look younger again while improving your standard of living. 

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If you are living in Medina, OH or in the greater NE Ohio region, we are happy to service your dental needs. Please contact us to learn more about how you can restore your missing teeth and upgrade your smile. At Frontier Dental, our dental staff looks forward to meeting you and establishing a long client relationship. 

A normal dental exam or visit at out office involves talking to the office manager to find out what services you are seeking and why. Some of our patients call us directly for simple general dentistry procedures. Some call us as they need help with more challenging work that they feel a general dentist cannot treat and some come to us from referrals from other doctors. We verify your dental insurance information before the visit. You then have X-rays taken unless you come with your own or have you doctors forward us a copy of a recent image.

The doctor then talks to you to first get to know you and your issues or concerns and then why you dare seeking treatment. This is the most important part of the dental exam as this is where we begin to form a relationship and try to fulfil your goals. Following this we will begin a dental examination that looks at you face and jaw to see if you have any swellings or unusual joint issues. The intra oral exam involves a cancer screen for any lesions in your mouth. We the look at your teeth and gum along with your x-ray to determine what you need to have done to get you back into a stable and healthy mouth. For many patients this might just involve some cleanings and very little else. For other it might involve replacing a lot of their missing teeth. In other it might be getting rid of their infection and this varies from person to person.

Many factors determine your denture fee, including how complicated your procedure is, the time involved, and the location of the dental practice. The costs can also vary depending on your needs and the standard prices in your area. 

In terms of cost, you get what you pay for—just like with most things in life. Higher quality materials, dental lab, and advanced skills and training of your prosthodontist will impact the overall cost. Some dental offices have in-office labs while others send out to a third-party lab. Both are good for fabrication, but the skillset of the lab technician and dentist's training is essential in determining the quality of your dentures. 

Your dental office determines payment; each dental office may have different practices and fee structures. Your prosthodontist will be able to assess your fees after going over your needs with you. 

Board-certified prosthodontists are trained and educated in making quality dentures and implant dentures, and their rates will reflect this.  

Your local dental society or state can help you determine if there are any public resources regarding the cost of dental services. Prosthodontists are dentists that have an additional three years of training beyond dental school who specialize in the care and maintenance of dentures. ACP's (American College of Prosthodontist)  search can find a local prosthodontist near you. 

Your local prosthodontist in Medina, OH, Dr. Karungaran, has years of experience and training regarding dental prosthetics. Give us a call at Frontier Dental to schedule an appointment with us.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option for many reasons, including their easy care and durability. Your prosthodontist in Medina, Dr. Karungaran, can help you determine if this is a viable option for you. While no two implants are the same, they all require TLC and maintenance. 

Maintenance Is Vital 

While dental implants are not susceptible to things like tooth decay or an infection like natural teeth, it is vital that your gums remain healthy to determine the success of dental implants.

Regular at-home oral health care and routine professional dental check-ups and exams are essential in sustaining the dental implant.

No Implant Is the Same

Each patient is different; many variables come into play to determine how long your implant will last, like your medical history, maintenance, and preventive dentistry.

Dental implant technology has come a long way over the years, so far that issues like implant failures or functioning issues are mostly problems of the past. 

Dental Implant Failure Is Not Common

A dental implant might fail due to disease, implant misuse, or preexisting medical conditions. The location within your mouth is also essential in determining longevity. Implants in the back of the mouth receive more pressure from biting and chewing, which causes them to fail and wears them out quicker than implants in the front. 

Your Implant Could Last a Lifetime

When properly maintained through daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to your prosthodontist in Medina, the dental implant could last a lifetime. The dental crown portion of the implant may need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years due to normal wear and tear. 


No, the cost of seeing a prosthodontist is the same as a general dentist. We follow the same fee schedules as your dental insurances especially if we are in network with and accept your insurances. If we don’t accept your insurance in this practice, we try to keep our fees as competitive with your insurance company and we will help file an insurance claim for you. We want you to remember that we provide a higher quality and a higher level of service. We do however provide a more complex service of treatment and for those patients that require prosthodontic work so this can be quite expensive, and we do offer financial guidance with this.

Fixed implant bridges are a permanent tooth restoration solution that preserves the structure of surrounding teeth. Fixed bridges screw into dental implants that are strategically bonded to your jawbone and cannot be removed by the patient. Unlike dentures which are removable and contain a palate that covers the roof of your mouth, fixed bridges are a palateless permanent long-term dental restoration procedure. 

The porcelain teeth in the bridge begin at the gumline and are stronger than some tooth replacement procedures. Due to the complexity of the procedure and level of detail and expertise, it’s vital that you choose an experienced dentist to avoid any errors. Dr. Karunagaran in Medina, OH  is the only Board Certified Prosthodontist in NE Ohio and is available to service all patients in the region. 

The benefits of a fixed implant bridge include:

  • Preserve your jawbone and surrounding teeth
  • Maintain the architecture of your smile
  • Prevents future dental complications
  • Permanently attached and act and feel like your natural teeth
  • Strong enough to withstand normal chewing and biting
  • Restore functions of healthy eating, talking, chewing, and smiling

Schedule a Consultation

If you have multiple missing teeth or severe tooth decay, fixed implant bridges could be your best option for maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. Call our Medina, OH dental practice today to start the process of getting a smile you can be proud to show. 

Having a missing tooth not only alters your appearance, but it can also change the shape of your jawline. A tooth gap in your mouth can cause surrounding teeth to shift into the gap, changing your smile and leading to bone loss. 

In addition to preventing future dental complications, getting your tooth replaced can restore your ability to enjoy your favorite foods and speak without difficulty. Finally, many people who experience tooth loss find themselves hiding their smile. Getting a tooth replacement as soon as possible has many benefits. 

Replacing a Missing Tooth

At Frontier Dental, we have several tooth replacement options that may work for you:

  • Full and partial dentures are an excellent option for many patients in Medina, OH. Denture technology and materials have come a long way, and modern dentures are considered to be comfortable and have a snug fit.
  • Dental implants are the gold standard of tooth replacement options. Implants replace the root of a missing tooth with a thin titanium post that is implanted in your jaw. This becomes the base for the dental crown that looks and functions like your natural teeth.  
  • Snap-On dentures are an excellent combination for replacing missing teeth. These are a removable, palateless denture that can be snapped on as many times as necessary. The denture can snap into the mini implants that are placed along the jawbone.  

Tooth Replacement in Medina, OH

You don’t have to live missing teeth, contact Frontier Dental today to discuss your different tooth replacement options. Our prosthodontist, Dr. Karunagaran is the only Board Certified Prosthodontist in NE Ohio and services the entire region. If you are in Wadsworth, Medina, Hinkley, Akron, or Fairlawn and are looking for a highly-skilled, trusted dental team to treat your dental needs, please call us today!

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