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Lower Denture Issues!

June 9, 2019
Posted By: Sanjay Karunagaran
Couple | Dentures in Copley

Problems With Lower Dentures

Lower dentures are a significant problem in patients that use complete dentures. The movement of the tongue and also the reduced amount of bone often make it very difficult for patients to wear this prothesis. This can affect confidence and also function to a point where your life can be affected. With age, our gums and bones can shrink in the mouth, which is a natural part of life for those without teeth. If you wear existing dentures that are not periodically fitted this bone loss can be more rapid as the ill fitting denture can traumatize your bone even if you do not feel the pain. I have many patients that have lost their teeth at an early age and the length of time without teeth can affect bone levels too. Not wearing a lower denture can also affect your facial features and cause problems with speaking as you cannot pronouce certain words and letters without teeth. Most importantly you cannot chew foods which can affect your weight, cause digestive issues and contribute to your general ill health.

Solutions for Lower Denture Issues

Seeing a Prosthodontist who is a dentist that specializes in dentures can often solve this problem. In many instances the Prosthodontist is able to remake you a denture that you can wear effectively. We are better trained at fabricating this prothesis that your regular dentist so if you are in a desperate situation it is definitely worth a shot.

Under certain condition regular dentures might not be possible and so it might be worth considering implants as a method of retaining your denture. Implant dentures are definitely an investment, but if you are willing to take that leap of faith, I feel that this can be life changing for many people without teeth who want to have added security without having to pay large sums of money to have fixed teeth like the All on 4 implant bridge






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