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Do You need a Prosthodontist?

May 29, 2019
Posted By: Laura Briedis
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Sometimes having a really good dentist just isn’t enough. 

When Frontier Dental opened its doors this summer, it brought to town an advanced form of dentistry. One of only a handful of prosthodontists in Northeast Ohio (and only 3,000 in the country), Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran is highly trained in dental implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures. 

“Most of us are familiar with orthodontists who straighten teeth, periodontists who treat gums and oral surgeons who remove wisdom teeth, but many do not know what a prosthodontist does,” comments Dr. Karunagaran, who is affectionately called Dr. K by his patients. “A prosthodontist is a specialist who treats both children and adults to restore and replace teeth.”

Considered an advanced general dentist, prosthodontists have three additional years of specialized training.

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“I not only treat complex cases other dentists might not be willing or able to do, but also offer general family dentistry, including routine dental checkups and cleanings for adults and children 12 years and older,” he says.

“I founded Frontier Dental to provide top-level care to all.”

Putting Patients at Ease 

With a friendly, approachable demeanor—and a hint of a British accent—Dr. K puts patients at ease.

His medical prowess was ingrained at a young age, as his father is a retired oral surgeon. It also runs in the family. His wife, Dr. Ahila Subramanian, is triple boarded in allergy and immunology, internal medicine and pediatrics.

Dr. K grew up in London and attended the University of Birmingham College of Dental Medicine, which is the oldest dental college in England. In 2004, he moved to the United States to continue his education, where he completed another doctorate in dentistry, and a Master’s degree and specialty training in prosthodontics. He has worked as a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Tennessee. After meeting his wife, who grew up in Strongsville, the couple moved to Cleveland to put down roots here.

Prior to opening his own practice this year, Dr. K worked in the Head and Neck Institute of the Cleveland Clinic, where he attended to trauma cases, and treated patients injured in accidents, with gunshot wounds and those suffering from cancer.

At his new Medina dental practice, there is a lab room and four treatment rooms, with a warm and inviting décor punctuated by orange chairs and photos of travel destinations around the globe. Every detail is designed to comfort patients.

Here’s What Patients Are Saying


“My husband came to Frontier Dental for a crown and was so impressed with Dr. K that we decided to make him our family dentist. Now my son, husband and I have our preventive checkups and cleanings here. Dr. K has a good rapport with patients of all ages.”


“I have been driving my son two-and-a-half hours to see Dr. K every month for the past two years for treatment—ever since my son suffered a traumatic injury. Dr. K gave us many options to restore his teeth and together we chose to pull the teeth and do both permanent and removable dentures. He worked meticulously to get the jaw to line up, get the bite right and make sure the speech sounded right. Dr. K is very personable and compassionate. He really cares about my son and his well-being. He always keeps us abreast of the different stages of the treatment and includes both of us in the decisions. He sees the big picture from start to finish and knows what he wants to accomplish and doesn’t stop until he gets the desired results.”


“Dr. Karunagaran is amazing! He is caring, compassionate, and creative in order to get the best possible outcome for his patients. He goes above and beyond. He helped give me back my smile and I can never thank him enough! I highly recommend!”

Mr. and Mrs. Delaney

“We are in our 70s, and Dr. K is the best dentist we have ever had in our lives. We love him so much!”


“I came to see Dr. K because I needed a prosthesis for a missing area on the roof of my mouth. There are many doctors, but few have the integrity and kindness that Dr. K has. I am thankful for his time and effort. I’m so grateful he gave me back my voice.”

Modern Alternative to Dentures 
For many living with dentures, oftentimes they don’t fit properly. For others, there are issues with adhesives.

“I have specialized training to make sure patients’ dentures fit and function well,” says Dr. K.

“With the advancements in dentistry, the new standard of care is implant-supported dentures. I can provide options using implants, such as snap-on dentures that click on two implants, fixed hybrid dentures or a whole mouth full of implants.”

“I use 3D medical modeling to place implants that best fit the patient’s mouth” explains Dr. K, noting that he can extract a mouthful of bad teeth, place the implants and send the patient home with temporary teeth on the same day, called ‘teeth in a day.’

“As a prosthodontist, I use cutting-edge technology and partner with other specialists—like oral surgeons and skilled lab technicians—to offer the best treatment for our patients.”

“So, if you wear dentures that don’t fit well or have missing teeth, I can give you not only a beautiful smile, but also the ability to chew comfortably and smile normally,” states Dr. K.

Comprehensive Dental Care 
“I am first and foremost a family dentist, who also specializes in prosthodontics,” says Dr. K.

“I do routine dental checkups, teeth cleanings, oral cancer screenings and other preventive dental treatments. However, if more complex cases arise, I can treat my patients here without the need for them to go to another specialist. It is a convenient continuum of care.”

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Dr. K takes a hands-on approach to all facets of his practice, as he does all of the cleaning, brushing and flossing himself during the dental exam.

Combining cosmetic dentistry with functional dentistry, Frontier Dental also can do complete smile makeovers. Oftentimes, this includes veneers, crowns or teeth whitening.

“I enjoy restoring teeth that not only look beautiful, but also help patients gain confidence,” comments Dr. K.

“Our mission is to understand every patient’s needs—both dental and financial— and then work hard to achieve the best results we possibly can,” states Dr. K.

Frontier Dental is located at 5155 Buehlers Drive, Suite 107, in Medina. Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For an appointment, call 330-952-2015 or visit for more information.

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