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How long does it take to adjust to my dentures

June 9, 2019
Posted By: Sanjay Karunagaran
Couple | Dentures in Medina OH

It depends. For most patients who have an existing denture, an adjustment to a new denture can be quite rapid and can take one to two months. If you are wearing a denture for the very first time then that adjustment can take much longer and this can range from several months to a year. In some instances, some patients never get used to them and remain without dentures. Here are some of the adjustments that patients will have to get used to:

How Dentures Can Change Your Lifestyle

  • The Fit of the denture which might take weeks of adjustments at the dental office.
  • Speech which should improve and much of it is dues to the shape, thickness and position of the teeth. All these things can be adjusted to accommodate you.
  • Bite or occlusion and how you function with these new teeth and learning to chew with them. this is because the brain has no idea where your teeth should come together and it takes several weeks of muscular coordination efforts to learn these new positions.
  • Taste, which should improve in time. In some patients, this will never satisfy them as there are many taste buds on the roof or palate of your mouth. Much of this is covered by conventional dentures. Many patients opt to have dentures without a palate so that they can taste their food better and learn to speak better but this will require the placement of implants.


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