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When You Need a Specialist

October 14, 2021
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Common problems usually require common solutions, and in health care, this axiom holds up well. When we have a general health care need in Medina, OH, we usually turn to our family doctor or another general practitioner. Health maintenance, physicals, and vaccinations are some of the day-to-day challenges under the purview of our general doctors.

While we should all appreciate the importance of this type of health care, we’ll sometimes encounter instances where our problems are more acute. For example, during a physical, your family doctor may discover something that indicates a heart problem. In this case, your provider will probably refer you to a cardiologist – a doctor specializing in heart conditions.

Prosthodontists Specialize in Fixing Teeth

The same thing is true in dentistry. If you have a specific and extensive dental need, you can use a specialist who has attained the most up-to-date and advanced skills available. Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran is among that small group of dental specialists known as prosthodontists.

The requirements to be considered a prosthodontist are extensive, which explains why the specialty is relatively rare. In addition to all traditional dental training, prosthodontists have at least three more years of advanced education from an accredited program. In addition, they will have special qualifications in the area of tooth replacement and restoration.

Reasons to Seek a Specialist

Prosthodontists and general dentists perform many of the same therapeutic procedures. But while general dentists are also concerned with oral health maintenance and gum care, prosthodontists can focus on several areas in particular:

  • Restoration – fixing damaged teeth with a crown, veneer, or dental bonding
  • Replacement – reconstituting missing teeth through implants, bridges, or dentures

Regardless of specialty, dentists may agree that every case is different, which means some of your needs will be more complicated. Two things will contribute to this level of complication: one, extensiveness, and two, difficulty.

Extensive Restorations in Cleveland, OH

If you have a missing tooth or two, a dental implant restoration is relatively straightforward. But in cases where multiple, adjacent teeth require replacement, or even an entire mouth full of teeth, your prosthodontist can offer you a whole host of options that your general dentist may not be able to access.

For Difficult Restorations

Your dentist also knows that often, where a person has missing teeth, other damage may likely be present. From bone deterioration to jaw misalignment, some restorations are too difficult for anyone other than a specialist.

Take Advantage of Your Prosthodontist near Akron, OH

Dental specialists are sometimes your best option for dental restorations, dentures, and other tooth replacements. To learn more about how the most highly trained experts in dentistry, contact our office. Our caring team of professionals looks forward to caring for your smile.

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