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What can I eat with dentures?

You might think your days of enjoying a nice steak are over, but you would be wrong.

With practice, patients can easily eat their most enjoyable food with full or partial dentures. 

We recommend starting with soft and smooth food. Some examples include fish, steamed vegetables, puddings, eggs, and chopped food. Once you feel confident, we encourage you to enjoy chewy foods like steak or apples cut into pieces.

It might take a little adjustment to get used to hot and cold foods, but this is very common. With practice, you can eat with ease without worrying about burning your mouth. 

At Frontier Dental, we always recommend taking your time when it comes to getting used to a dental prosthetic. By starting slow with small cuts of food, you can gradually work your way to larger quantities. 

Our Medina Patients Can Eat Whatever They Love

Once patients are entirely comfortable and adjusted to wearing dentures, the world is their oyster.

However, some foods will always be a little tricky, especially sticky and hard foods. It's best to avoid anything that could damage your denture.

At Frontier Dental, Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran and Dr. Michael Horan are always available to go over any questions and concerns you may have about your tooth replacement restorations. 

In the meantime, take things slow, chew gently, and use both sides of your mouth. 

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