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What is the average cost of dentures?

Many factors determine your denture fee, including how complicated your procedure is, the time involved, and the location of the dental practice. The costs can also vary depending on your needs and the standard prices in your area. 

In terms of cost, you get what you pay for—just like with most things in life. Higher quality materials, dental lab, and advanced skills and training of your prosthodontist will impact the overall cost. Some dental offices have in-office labs while others send out to a third-party lab. Both are good for fabrication, but the skillset of the lab technician and dentist's training is essential in determining the quality of your dentures. 

Your dental office determines payment; each dental office may have different practices and fee structures. Your prosthodontist will be able to assess your fees after going over your needs with you. 

Board-certified prosthodontists are trained and educated in making quality dentures and implant dentures, and their rates will reflect this.  

Your local dental society or state can help you determine if there are any public resources regarding the cost of dental services. Prosthodontists are dentists that have an additional three years of training beyond dental school who specialize in the care and maintenance of dentures. ACP's (American College of Prosthodontist)  search can find a local prosthodontist near you. 

Your local prosthodontist in Medina, OH, Dr. Karungaran, has years of experience and training regarding dental prosthetics. Give us a call at Frontier Dental to schedule an appointment with us.

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