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What are implant Snap-On dentures?

Snap-on dentures are a removable, palateless denture that can be snapped on or off as often as needed. The denture is placed gently onto mini implants and snapped in for a stronger bite and beautiful smile. 

Through a minimally invasive surgical process, our oral maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Michael Horan, places mini implants into your jawbone. These tiny implants are the anchors that strengthen the jawbone and support the dentures. 

The implants are tiny titanium alloy posts that function as a new root and are the fixture that your denture snaps into place. Snap-on dentures provide stability and strength and allow you to eat all the hard foods that missing teeth do not facilitate, like carrots, apples, and even steak! 

The Benefits of Dentures

Missing a tooth can affect your ability to smile freely and eat certain foods. Speaking with clarity can also be difficult without teeth in place. Getting a tooth replacement procedure not only improves your appearance and ability to smile, but it also supports your jawbone, surrounding teeth, and facial muscles.

Having dentures can make you look younger again while improving your standard of living. 

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