Facial Prosthetics

Custom fabricating Orbital, Nasal, Auricular and Ocular Prostheses. Beginning with an impression taken from the patient to the final delivery of the prosthesis.

A prosthesis is an artificial substitute for a missing, disfigured, or malformed part of the face or body. Each prosthesis is custom-made for the individual patient. 

The desired goal of a prosthesis is to restore form and function. A prosthesis helps protect exposed delicate tissues, covers exposed cavities, may provide support for eyeglasses or hearing aids, and restores appearance. A prosthesis should replicate missing anatomy as closely as possible, resulting in a natural and lifelike appearance.

A well-made prosthesis can facilitate the return of an individual to most of their normal activities and eliminate the need for bandages and eye patches. It can help to restore self-confidence and ease the anxiety one might experience in a public setting.

We do not accept any medical or dental insurance for this service, and as such, patients are responsible for the entire payment before we start treatment.

  • Ocular Prosthesis
  • Auricular Prosthesis
  • Nasal Prosthesis
  • Orbital Prosthesis
  • Ocular for Orbital Prosthesis