Complete Dentures in Medina, OH

Regardless of your age, it helps you to smile with confidence. A complete denture is a removable prosthesis that replaces teeth and gum tissue. Some patients have only a lower denture, some only an upper, and some have both lower and upper complete dentures. This depends on the number of healthy teeth that you have. The best results are obtained when you have a matching set of upper and lower dentures. This way we can control where you put the teeth and how they bite down.

Complete Dentures in Akron OH

Benefits of Complete Dentures

  • Cost is less than Implant Dentures
  • Looks Great
  • Can be completed quickly
  • Can only be used in situations when you have good bone
  • Complicating factors might require implant placements

The Categories of Complete Dentures

Conventional Dentures

Getting conventional dentures starts with the process of having teeth removed at least eight weeks before manufacturing the denture. In some cases, many patients come to us with teeth that they have lost for several years. When dentures are made several weeks after teeth are extracted or if the teeth are not there a better result can be obtained. This time allows the tissues to heal from extractions. In turn, the dentures can be fixed accurately on top of stable tissues.

Fabricating complete dentures in this way is very precise. Some patients prefer to go this route because it gives them a more stable denture. Some patients do not like this option and request that they have dentures made at the day their teeth are extracted. These are called immediate dentures. 

Immediate Dentures

These dentures are inserted the day all the teeth are extracted from your mouth. The Dentures are made before your day of surgery where you have several appointments to determine where to put the teeth. Patients who opt for immediate dentures usually do not want to go without any teeth whilst their gums are healing after the surgery. immediate dentures, a patient is never without front teeth.

The drawback of this procedure is that the denture will not fit optimally after the surgery as the gums are bleeding and swollen. These dentures, therefore, need several relines until your gums are fully healed. We ask all our patients to use these dentures until their gums are completely healed up at which point a new complete denture should be made. Many of our patients opt for this.

Usually, immediate dentures need to be relined within 2-6 months because of tissue changes that take place following the extractions completed on the day of denture delivery.