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What does a normal dental exam entail?

A normal dental exam or visit at out office involves talking to the office manager to find out what services you are seeking and why. Some of our patients call us directly for simple general dentistry procedures. Some call us as they need help with more challenging work that they feel a general dentist cannot treat and some come to us from referrals from other doctors. We verify your dental insurance information before the visit. You then have X-rays taken unless you come with your own or have you doctors forward us a copy of a recent image.

The doctor then talks to you to first get to know you and your issues or concerns and then why you dare seeking treatment. This is the most important part of the dental exam as this is where we begin to form a relationship and try to fulfil your goals. Following this we will begin a dental examination that looks at you face and jaw to see if you have any swellings or unusual joint issues. The intra oral exam involves a cancer screen for any lesions in your mouth. We the look at your teeth and gum along with your x-ray to determine what you need to have done to get you back into a stable and healthy mouth. For many patients this might just involve some cleanings and very little else. For other it might involve replacing a lot of their missing teeth. In other it might be getting rid of their infection and this varies from person to person.

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