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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Karunagaran has spent many years mastering the science of dentistry; throughout his years he has come to understand that well-informed patients have less anxiety about their procedures. It is important that his patients undertake their dental decisions with confidence and assurance in order to better understand the importance of oral health as well as their options for improving their smile. Oral education and patient confidence are important to us at Frontier Dental.

If there are any questions or concerns about a procedure or oral issue, we are more than happy to spend as much time as needed to ensure our patients completely understand each step of a procedure. Dr. Karunagaran encourages questions since they allow him and his staff to better understand issues that might cause anxiety or confusion with each patient.

Please read through some of the more common questions we are asked by our patients if any of these touch on your concerns but don’t fully answer your question please call Frontier Dental for a more detailed answer. We are happy to help you in your decision-making process!

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